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We are a small startup company, we always try to finish our work fast and to your satisfaction. We are located in the Basel area so we can be on site when you need us.

On-site Support - While most issues can be fixed remotely, there are those than just need a physical technician on-site to resolve. We have remote techs based all throughout Basel area, so we can be there in a jiffy when things go wrong.

Mobile Device Support - Today's workforce looks much different than the past. With tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices being increasingly used for work, the support of these devices must also follow this trend. We do that too.

Procurement - Figuring out what hardware and software to purchase can take some careful thought...and time. That's why we offer our managed services clients the ability to simply consult - saving time and money.

Website Development - We offer to build your business a new website or customize your old one.

Hardware Support - If there are any problems with hardware we can fix that for you fast and easy just give us a call.


Our prices depend on what you need.

We have fixed prices for web sites depending on your requirements.

For hardware and software support we charge per hour.

Design & Photography

We Work with a third party Designer and Photograph for all your need.

If you need a professional photo shoot or a new design for a campaign just contact us at no additional cost.

We apologise if it was an inconvenience that our site is in English!

Of course you can contact us in German as well.